Brandy Spengler


Welcome to Home Baked By Brandy 

I have always had a passion for writing, but never really knew where or how to share this love. This blog has been a way for me to express myself and share my passions for faith, family, food, writing, learning and living.

I am a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, a wife to a wonderful and caring husband and a mother to four great children. Our family is busy with baking, cooking, playing, crafting, creating, renovating, and having fun. My husband, Heath, and I also strive for our family of six to live our lives for The Lord. 

I’m also a life long learning. I love learning and sharing my new found knowledge about money saving tricks, motherhood, recipes, homeschooling, and activities. 

We also stay super busy with our little daycare family. Our days are filled with little people, schedules, meals, and activities.

When we aren’t running our daycare we are homeschooling our children. Homeschooling is a significant part of our daily lives and is a huge part of our journey with The Lord. 

I was a School Psychologist, prior to our homeschool and work from home journey. I felt I missed so much away from our family, so we prayed, obeyed, saved, and paid off bills. We made it happen and what a blessing it has been.

Please join me on this wonderful journey of learning and living and enjoy everything that is Home Baked.