Guide to Going to Silver Dollar City With a Baby

Going to amusement parks is something that all mammas don’t imagine doing when you have an infant or young child.

But…guess what…it happens!

Life goes on and baby is coming along for the wild ride.

Okay, as gentle as possible-wild ride of life.

This is especially true if baby has siblings, families, or extended family that love to be on the go and head to the amusement park.

I must admit. We are one of these families.

So what do you do?

Hopefully, I can help all of you current and future Silver Dollar City mammas plan for and maneuver this amusement park a little easier.

I’ll talk about

  • strollers,
  • nursing stations,
  • water and snacks.

So strap in or on baby and let’s go!


You have two options if you decide you are using a stroller.

Bring your own stroller or rent one.

Silver Dollar City offers single and double strollers for rent. These can be rented when you arrive at the park or ahead of time online. The stroller check out is just past the turnstile when you enter the park.

The strollers the park offers are typical amusement park strollers. The backs do not lay flat, so they would not work well for a little one that is not sitting independently or needing to lay down.

I would definitely consider taking your own stroller from home, if your little one is pretty new to the world or not quite sitting up on their own.

We have had success bringing our stroller from home or using our Tula or baby wrap. However, it does get hot in the summer months so that is something to think about when considering the carrier option.

You also want to consider how you will be getting into the park once you are in the parking lot. It is a pretty short walk from preferred parking. From here you could push your stroller in.

You could also park in free parking and ride the tram to the entrance. There are spots located at the back of the tram for strollers storage.


We have been to Silver Dollar City while I was nursing two of our four children.

The park has five nursing stations available for nursing mammas and their babies.

They are located throughout the park at the

  • Hospitality House,
  • Fireman’s Landing,
  • Red Gold Courtyard,
  • Steam Train, and
  • Wilson’s Farm.

You can easily map them out on the Silver Dollar City App.

Out of all of the nursing stations I’ve had the most success using the nursing station located at the Red Gold Courtyard. There is a changing station and four rocking chairs for mamma and baby. It has always been clean and cool.

It is also fairly close to the sections of the park with rides for little people.

The nursing stations located at the Hospitality House and Fireman’s Landing are large enough for one mamma and their baby.

These nursing stations are so great!

I was able to sneak away, change the baby’s diaper, and nurse him when we were near one of these nursing stations.

The nursing stations are also great if the park is super hot or cold.

Because, guess what, it is heated and has air conditioning.

You should know that in the summer it can get really hot and sticky in Missouri.

Conversely, it gets super dry and cold in the winter.

I’m talking 100 degrees in August then 30 degrees in December!

We have yet to be in the park in the Winter, but we will be checking it out this year.

I can’t wait to tell you about it!

Even if you are not a nursing mamma this would be a great location to take baby to have a bottle and get out of the heat.

Mamma needs a break too!

There are lots of places throughout the park to sit and enjoy the shade. The park has several well established trees that provide an abundance of shade.

If it is starting to really heat up, many of the shops and restaurants are also air conditioned.


Babies who use formula and nursing mammas need water!

Whether for formula or to stay hydrated. Water fountains are located throughout the park and water is free at all food locations. Bottled water is also available to purchase. You can take in your own cup or bottled water, as well!

Mamma and Baby Snacks and Meals

There are tons of great food options within the park. The park does have salad options at various locations. Many of the food options are sandwiches, country dinners, pizza, hamburgers and various fair foods.

One huge thing I love about Silver Dollar City is that you can bring in your own food. This is great if you have diet restrictions or you are eating to keep your milk supply up.

It can get expensive when your hungry all the time. You can bring in a cooler or a bag of snacks to stick in the stroller, leave it in the car and go out in get it, or rent a locker space to keep it in.

There is no reason mamma and baby need to miss out on all the fun. There is also no reason why mamma and baby need to be miserable on a fun family trip.

It’s okay to plan your day around baby and their schedule or just go with the flow. The nursing stations, meals places, and shady spots are spread out all over the park and provide mammas and families with many options.

Check out some more information about going to Silver Dollar City with kids here.

I hope this information was helpful and gives you some relief if you are planning a trip to Silver Dollar City in the future.

Thank you and God Bless.

3 thoughts on “Guide to Going to Silver Dollar City With a Baby

  1. Silver Dollar City is an awesome place! I’ve been once in my early 20s. But, I’ve never been with a baby so I can imagine how much that changes things. My husband and I travel with out 4 kids and being that everything is about the now, this was super helpful when it comes to knowing what to expect. Trying to be as organized and planning ahead is what saves our sanity through trips like! You covered everything we would typically think of ahead of time. So, when we set out to visit with our family now we know what to expect. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is so much fun! If you make it back there you will have a blast. I’m so glad you found it helpful. I really like to know ahead of time before we go somewhere too. We have four kiddos as well and it helps so much. Thank you


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