Silver Dollar City Amusement Park With Kids

Well, some of you may be asking, “What is Silver Dollar City?”

Silver Dollar City is an amusement park in Branson, Missouri. It was first opened in 1960 by Hugo and Mary Herschend. At the time, they offered tours of the Marvel Cave. They also invited and hired area crafters and artisans to make their wares.

Today it has a great mix of historical and modern entertainment reminiscent of 1880’s America including artisans, crafts, shopping, live entertainment, food and rides for all ages.

I have been attending Silver Dollar City since I was a small child and it has been great watching the park grow and change through the years.

It has actually been pretty cool!

If you haven’t been yet or you are planning a trip; hopefully, I can give you some helpful tips for when you do get to head that way.

First things first.

Planning your trip.

When are they open?

Silver Dollar City is not open everyday of the year. They are open throughout the entire year, just not everyday. Their season starts in March and runs through December.

They are closed after the Christmas holiday season and reopen with a limited schedule in the Spring (closed Monday and Tuesday). This changes in the summer months, where they are open daily and have later hours.

They again run the limited schedule August through December with varying hours. They are closed some holidays, so make sure you check their schedule out before you go.

You can find their schedule at their website:

Getting Your Tickets

Once you know when you are wanting to go. Decide on how you want to get your tickets.

You can order them online and get them ahead of time or buy them at the park when you arrive that day. You could see long lines, depending on the time of day you get there to purchase your tickets.

Check their website monthly. They offer different specials monthly. For example, May 2019’s special is get a child admission free with a paid adult admission. Make sure you read the fine print on when the tickets need to be used.

Some businesses offer discounted tickets. You can even purchase season passes online at a discounted rate or with free guest passes during December for the upcoming season.

Single day passes for the 2019 season are; ages 12-64 $68.00, ages 4-11 $58.00, and 65 and over $66.00.

One perk with purchasing your ticket between now and September 22, 2019 is that if you arrive to the park after 3:00 you can come to the park the entire next day free.

So cool!

They also offer add-on’s for shows, private tours, pictures, quick pass for rides, strollers, parking, as well as, other parks and shows in Branson.


Parking is a more recent add-on that we have used. We tried the preferred parking, which is $15.00 a day. We did this because we had a huge double stroller, three bags and our four kiddos. This seemed easier for us, compared to utilizing the free parking and attempting to transport it all on the tram that is available.

It worked out great and wasn’t too far of a walk to the park. We got there early so we were one of the first ones parked in this section.

We have used the free parking on several occasions and enjoy riding the tram to the park. The drivers are super nice and it’s a fun addition to our trip.

You can also park even closer by using the Premium parking option for $50.00.


Silver Dollar City also offers both single and double strollers for rent. We have reserved and used a double stroller in the past.

This is great; especially, when the kiddos are older.

The strollers wouldn’t work well for an infant or child that can not sit well on their own.

You can reserve a stroller ahead of time online and then pick it up when you get to the park. There is sometimes a wait depending on the number of people in line picking up a stroller.

Check out some more helpful information here if you are planning a trip with baby.

Motorized power chairs for adults are also available for rent online or at the same location as the strollers.

There are a certain number of strollers and chairs available for rent, so check it out ahead of time online, especially, if you are going during a busy part of the season.

Get there early!

The main street of the park and Molly’s Mill restaurant open at 8:30 am. This is an hour to an hour and a half earlier than the rest of the park opens.

You are not able to ride any of the rides and go into all of the shops, but you can see some of the home made treat stores.

You can even catch an early morning show and watch the parks opening ceremony.

Where to go first?

It’s great to have a map, but it’s even better to have their Silver Dollar City app added to your device. It is free and can easily be deleted when you no longer need it.

I also recommend doing some planning ahead, especially if you’re wanting to try and see the entire park, along with, any shows that are offered within the park in one day.

In our experience, we have had trouble seeing the entire park in one day, so plan accordingly.

After you’ve had breakfast, caught a Main Street show, or seen a morning candy making demonstration head to Grandfather’s Mansion, located in Midtown. It is directly behind the General Store that is located on main street. Grandfather’s Mansion is a fun house that kids will love!

After the Grandfather’s Mansion you can check out a few of the shops in this area. You could catch the ladies making peanut brittle or watch freshly baked bread be prepared in the bakery. There is also a blacksmith hard at work throughout the day.

There are so many different shops in each area with several opportunities for you to see craftsman working on products.

Then head to the left of the park if your group is mainly older kids and adults. This is where the majority of the larger rides are.

The morning is the best time to ride rides and often cooler depending on the time of year you attend. The lines are also typically shorter during this time.

Work clockwise around the park stopping in each area as you go; catching a show, visiting a store or riding a ride.

Head to the right of the park if you have mainly little people and want to hit the sections with the majority rides for their size. The Grand Exposition is a great area for your smaller kids to ride rides.

Fireman’s Landing

There is a measuring station located in the Grand Exposition area. There your kiddos can be measured and provided with a bracelet that indicates their height. Sheets are provided that indicate what rides they are able to ride. The bracelet also has your phone number in case you are separated from your child within the park.

Work counter-clockwise if you start this way.

Whichever direction you choose I would suggest you save Tom and Huck’s Riverblast, located in the middle of the park, for when everyone’s hot.

You WILL get soaked!

American Plunge is another ride that you will get wet on.

Fire in the Hole, located on Hugo’s Hill Street, is also a fun ride for your kiddos 36” and taller; however, it is a dark ride and similar to a smaller indoor roller coaster. Just in case your kiddo is tall enough, but still weary of rides.

There are so many rides for kids and adults of all ages. I was even able to ride a couple of rides in the Fireman’s Landing area with one of my kiddos because she wasn’t quite tall enough.

Still fun for me and she didn’t miss out.

There is so much to see during your day at Silver Dollar City and I haven’t even gotten to the amazing shows that are located in theaters throughout the park.

The Saloon Show is a Silver Dollar City staple. It is so fun!

Don’t forget to check out the schedule before you go and pick out your favorite one’s. There are different live shows and events for each Festival that the park has offered, so there are plenty of options if you go different times throughout the year.

The Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train is also a great ride and show in one. Enjoy the scenery and tour of the park, along with, some fun entertainment. The lines for this can be long when the park is busy.

The Marvel Cave is also a great tour, especially, if you have older kiddos. There are a lot of steps to walk up and down, so there are restrictions. The tours are 60 minutes long and are located in the Hospitality House, which is the first gift shop you walk threw on your way into the park. Check out the tour times when you arrive to see if this is something you want to do.

There is also a show at the end of the day in the huge outdoor amphitheater, Echo Hollow. This would be a great opportunity to grab a bite to eat and sit and enjoy the concert.

What about the food?

First of all.

You should not go hungry at Silver Dollar City. There is food everywhere and at various price points.

You can also pack a cooler with meals, snacks and drinks. We often pack snacks and lunch to take into the park.

One thing I do splurge on is the cup that is sold everywhere in the park. It can be reused each time you visit during the season.

Like any amusement park Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday’s are busy times to go and enjoy the park. You will likely find long lines and crowds. We have found that going during the week is a great time to make it to the park. The kids can ride for an hour or two in the morning without long lines. This is especially true in the early Spring (not Easter weekend) and Fall.

The park can get pretty busy during the peak times and that is definitely true when everyone is leaving the park for the end of the day. The line to get out of the park is crazy, so keep your kiddos close if you decide to brave the crowd on the way out. If not, hang back and enjoy nature, use the restroom, grab some food, let the kids run around a little longer (if their awake) or leave a little bit before the park closes.

We are actually planning a trip to Silver Dollar City soon!

I’m so excited to see what they have that is new! We were there a couple of months ago and one of our long time favorite rides was getting a makeover. Every year we go back they are updating or adding a new ride.

I would love to hear about your favorite things to do at Silver Dollar City in Branson, Missouri, if you have been there.

So please share!

God Bless and Safe Travels!

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