A Renovation Story: Finding Our New Home And Leaving The Old Part 1

We found our house with prayer and persistence!

We had been going to open house’s and viewing’s for several weeks. We literally had just driven by one of the many houses we were thinking of looking at when we spotted the for sale sign in the yard.

“Whoa, wait!” I said.

New home before updated exterior.

We had been looking at real estate in the area online so much that we knew every house that was listed by heart!

This house was not on there from what we could recall!

It was a large American Foursquare style home.

It was love at first sight!

My husband and I both love older homes. The character. The beauty in all of the details. The potential!

The home still had the original siding and color and the home needed some work. The yard was a mess and the porch needed some TLC. All we could do was look in the windows and walk around the yard.

We had to see more.

Wrap around porch of new home before updated exterior.

We needed a showing.

We found out that the for sale sign was put in the yard that day, along, with the online listing.

It was meant to be!

Fireplace in new home before updating.

We had our tour and inspection as soon as we could.

The house was built in 1910 and in previous years had been in immaculate shape. Recent events had made it difficult for the previous owners to implement or complete repairs and maintenance.

Prior to our house hunting journey we really had no intention of moving any time soon. Despite the fact that our family was growing we were content and set on our quaint home.

Bathroom in our previous home.

It was cozy and our kids were always nearby.

Our home was a two bedroom, one bath bungalow with a separate dinning room and a dedicated daycare room, which was an enclosed back porch. The daycare room was large enough for all of the our children’s toys and a small play space.

Bedroom for our three children in our previous home.

The girl’s shared a bunk bed and their baby sister’s crib was in the corner. Storage was tight, but we had what we needed.

We had each other!

It worked for us!

The Lord works in mysterious ways though and he had other plans for us.

Our businesses were changing, along with our circumstances. With prayer and discussion my husband and I decided to run our daycare business together.

We shared many prayers about The Lord guiding us in the direction we needed to go. He kept leading us in the path of growing our business and continuing our home school journey.

Finding a larger home for our family and our daycare children to use and enjoy was the direction we were going.

Girls bedroom before updating.

Doors were opening!

Like I said we hadn’t planned on moving, but people were coming to us with offers for our home. We prayed and started looking for a possible future home with space we needed with our daycare in mind. Mind you this was our business and was something we needed to make sure and plan for.

Prayers were answered again!

Checks for payments were arriving when we needed it most. Buying a home is expensive and there is an appraisal here and inspection there.

It was falling into place with The Lord taking the led and us listening and doing as we needed.

Glory to The Lord! It all goes to him. I can’t ever take credit. I do know that it is hard to listen and do. We want to be in control.

Half bath in new home before updating.

We were able to purchase our new home at an amazing price.

More answered prayers!

We were able to complete much needed repairs. We were also able to make changes to the floor plan, so we could continue our home business and continue our time at home as a family. Large older homes are expensive to care for and require constant attention.

New Home. Old kitchen and old eat in nook.

The Lord knows what is in your heart. He listens to your prayers. He wants you to follow the path he has laid out for you.

It may not always be what you expect, what you want, or at the time you want it. You need to hear, listen, and obey. Even if it seems hard or scary.

We do the best that we can. We make mistakes and may at times be disobedient. Sometimes though we need to put ourselves out there and do what we may be afraid of, especially, it that is what the Lord has set on your heart.

New home. Old dinning room and eat in nook.

This blog was that for me. I was terrified and in turn disobedient, so the The Lord made that known to me. It took me so long to get back on track and my life showed for it with added stress and worry. Right know I am trying to get back on my path.


In my heart, The Lord wants more people to show their love and support for him publicly including on-line and through blogs such as this or social media. The Devil already does this.

Right now I’m working on obeying and being patient. I want to do my own thing, but I need to obey The Lord.


Sending prayers and encouragement to anyone out there who is worried or scared about listening and obeying the Lord.

Exterior of new home prior to updating.

Follow your path and trust in the Lord! God Bless.

Trust in the Lord with all of your heart And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6

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