Decorating for Spring and Any Season or Holiday on a Budget

I love having our house looking fresh and tidy for the Spring. I also love decorating for the seasons or whatever upcoming holiday that is coming up.

There is just one problem!

Decorating can get expensive.

I could have an entire basement filled with decorations for each holiday. We have the space for it. Although I don’t think my husband would agree with me. Decorations are just on the bottom of the list of material things we need to buy right now.

Spring decorations in the entry.
Reused vase and fresh plant stems from the yard. I interchange fresh with artificial when funds are tight. Table, chalkboard, iron piece, and shoe basket stay year round. Sign and other pieces may be interchanged.

To get around this I’ve found that having a few well placed pieces can really help; especially, when you are changing things up each season or holiday.

Items You Might Have

  • Hurricane vase(s)
  • Candle holders
  • Vases or pitchers
  • Large and/or small plate/picture holders depending on the size of items you have.
  • Artificial plants or fresh from your garden. Planting flowers for arrangements is an easy inexpensive way to have flowers, especially, if you have the green space for it.
  • Dish towels. Love my dish towels.
  • Bathroom hand towels. This is a new one that I’ve started collecting. They are typically affordable and practical.
  • Books. No special purchased books. Just great books from our bookshelf.

I reuse many of these pieces throughout the year. You will see the hurricane candle holder several times in the examples for many of the holidays. I love changing what goes inside of it!

It is sometimes like a little challenge trying to find something great to put in it.

Halloween! Such a fun holiday to decorate for.

For Halloween, dried corn and a candle is placed in the hurricane candle holder. Cute stuffed decorations found at a local craft show purchased several years ago add a kid friendly touch.

Some of my favorite decorating pieces where found on clearance, at thrift stores, garage sales, auctions, craft fairs, or were even given to us as gifts or passed along from other family members or friends.

Thanks for sharing family! You know who you are.

Some pieces are in great shape and some need a little pick me up.

We are rarely purchasing anything full price; however, the matching vases/candle holders that I have were purchased at full price. One of the candle holders are pictured below. It can be turned over to make a lovely vase.

I love them!

Christmas Eve entry table with Santa and the Reindeer’s yummy treat.

I also enjoy decorating with Do It Yourself items.

This framed egg, made of buttons that come from my grandmother, is something that my oldest daughter and I created when she was three years old. It is one of my favorite Easter holiday decorations. We hot glued various buttons onto card stock, signed and dated it. It makes a wonderful keepsake for me and some day hopefully her.

Regular plastic eggs fill the hurricane candle holder.

Ready for Spring.

The bulletin board is something my husband found for me at an auction that I repainted with chalk paint. I then re purposed birthday decorations by gluing on hearts, pinned them to the board with push pins, and placed it over the fireplace.

The hurricane candle holder is filled with conversation hearts and a candle. A small heart shape candle holder is being held by a small plate stand.

Valentine Day

These printing press trays were also found at an auction.

Did you notice the ribbon on the fireplace and a bit of a wreath in the corner. I loved these decorations so much for Christmas that I cut out hearts and placed them on all of the garland and wreaths that we still had up. It kept some much needed color and warmth in the space.

I really enjoyed it!

In the Kitchen, I interchange different color plates and holiday plates for my counter top decoration using a larger plate stand. I often place a pitcher with flowers or a decorative holiday piece next to it. It is an easy inexpensive way to display items that I already have such as platters, decorative plates, or serving dishes that are collecting dust in the china cabinet.

Independence Day flags fill a pitcher. Plate stand holding a deviled egg tray.
For Spring, a large green platter and a cute white bunny.

This back to school banner was another Do it Yourself project I made using construction paper. I happened to have the cute little red airplane made from one of our local artisans that I purchased at the Farmer’s Market. I thought “Soar” would be appropriate since the kids were getting ready to start the school year.

The kids also really enjoyed seeing all of the crayons and pencils displayed.

I love decorating for the different seasons and holidays throughout the year. Our kiddos and the children we care for really enjoy seeing the changes that take place in the house. It also gives them an idea of what is going to be happening in the weeks or months ahead. It’s also fun and enjoying for me to see the finished project and look on their little faces.

Thank you for spending some time with me. I hope this will inspire you to look at pieces you already have in your home that may be stored away and maybe use them in a new way.

Happy Spring decorating!

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