Sticker Art: An Easy and Fun Activity

It can be super busy having ten kiddos to care for. Even with two adults it can be crazy hectic keeping a schedule, while doing school, preparing meals and snacks, making sure they get outside to play, and then throwing in crafts and activities.

Some days definitely run more smoothly than others, but it is still great to have a fun, easy activity that can be put together in a jiffy.

This sticker art craft is one such activity.

You Will Need

  • Any kind of paper; sheet paper, construction paper, or card stock.
  • Crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • Themed stickers (Biblical, Holidays such as Easter or Christmas, Seasons, Animals, Foods, etc…) The options are endless.

When you have your kiddos and your supplies wrangled up and you are ready to get started. Go over the expectations and, if possible, have a sample to show your little artists what they will be doing.

Here is a sample of what I created for our upcoming sticker art activity. We will also incorporate Easter and gardening books, coloring pages and additional crafts.

Sample picture

Ask the kiddos to color the landscape or habitat for their provided themed stickers. (You may not have given them the stickers yet, just started talking to them about what they will be doing. This definitely depends on the kiddos you are working with.)

For example, We are going to be coloring and using stickers today. I want you to color a blue sky (show them the blue crayon) and green grass (show them the green crayon). I want you to use flower and butterfly stickers to make a spring picture.

Many times we have kids of varying ages, so these specific directions may not always be needed. I encourage them to do their best, but I am not picky about their coloring.

Free expression!

Here is one of our resident artists at work drawing and coloring their garden landscape.

Hard at work!

Once your kiddos have prepared their landscape or habitat they are ready for their stickers. Little ones may need help getting the paper off of the back of the stickers. If not, it is a great opportunity for fine motor practice.

Sticker time!

I let them have free reign on where they want to place their stickers. No matter what they do. They are so proud of their accomplishment and are eager to share it with others.

Here is one of the completed Easter/garden landscapes. It was such a fun and easy activity to put together.

Easter/garden sticker activity

This sticker art activity is a fun and easy craft to do with your little ones. It can be incorporated into so many other lessons; such as animal habitats, bugs, nature, weather, counting, learning letters, seasons, holidays, biblical lessons, maps, etc…

Kids love stickers!

Here is another example that we completed during the holiday season. The kids really loved drawing their houses or fireplaces then adding stickers. I would assist them with drawing or stickers when they wanted help. Another fun sticker art project!

Christmas fireplace

Thank you so much for checking out our fun sticker art activity.

God bless and enjoy creating at home.

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