Finding My Path

Join me on my journey with family, lots of kiddos, home, and education. The Lord has been encouraging me to share with others the discovery of his plan for my life. I’m not perfect. I believe I have strayed from my true path, whether from fear, selfishness, or misunderstanding. It’s not that I wasn’t listening; however obeying was difficult. My hope is that what I’m doing and learning may help you with your path.

Well you may ask, who is this lady? So far, I’m a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m blessed to be the wife of a great man and the mother of four wonderful children. I love spending time with family and being surrounded by little people. The Lord guided me to open an in home day care. Calling me away from my career in public education to stay at home to educate and raise my little ones. Everyday I’m discovering new things about myself and the plan the Lord has laid out for me. Please join me on this journey and maybe you’ll find something useful along the way.

Enjoy and God Bless.

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalms 119:105


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